Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Government Seed Money

Wondering what we did with our stimulus $$? Probably not...but I'll tell you anyways.

As I have mentioned previously, one reason I am anxious to get our own place, is so I can start a small garden and plant some fruit trees. I was lamenting this to a good friend from high school, who lives in Novato. She convinced me there is no reason to wait. They had already started a nice container garden in their small backyard (including a dwarf lemon tree). Their 4 year old is really enjoying the experience.

So last weekend we went down to Home Depot, and bought some containers, soil and seeds (figured we would try from seed first). Will let you know if we get any return on our investment =)

Thus, we followed the intent (spending money at a big box store) but not necessarily the spirit of the Congressional legislation.


PeonInChief said...

Um, I hate to tell you this, but it's a little late to plant from seed here. Most summer blooms and vegies should be started indoors and the spring and planted out sometime between mid-April and mid-May (depending on nighttime temperatures).

Also radishes are wonderful for kids. They sprout within days and are ready to eat in about three weeks.

Buying Time said...

Thanks PIC, I was afraid that might be the case. We mostly bought herbs, like basil, parsley, cilantro etc.

There are more seeds in a package than we would ever use, so I figure we will give it a try and see what happens. Otherwise, we will try next year with the remainder of the seeds.

PeonInChief said...

With herbs, being the lazy gardener that I am, I usually buy the starts in 2-inch pots. Instant gratification. Be sure that you protect the basil from snails--they'll eat your baby basils to the ground. Best way to do that: get copper tape (more of your stimulus going to prop up the economy) and cut strips to tape around the pot.c

Deflationary Jane said...

Herbs are great as 2in starts. Same with many other food plants. We used to get our greens in flats and french cultivate.

As Pee said, watch out for snails. Copper as a repelent is awesome. You can also look into compasion plants.

And remember to use what you grow because you will be very surpised at how fast grow. Cut them back often.

erin@erinattardi.com said...

PIC is right - my hubby and I planted a garden (from seed) about 6 weeks ago, and the radishes grew so quickly we thought perhaps something was wrong with the rest of the garden because it was not growing as fast.

We have not had any issues with snails, but we think there must be a rodent of some sort eating all of our strawberries. Oh well :-(

Curious said...

It's been a weird Spring so far, my early starts either froze (from late April) or refused to grow due to the cool temperatures. It's only been in the last few weeks that things are taking off! Also, I take tomatoes off the vine right up until the first freeze which is anywhere between Thanksgiving and late December in most years.

Flowering annuals in pots are great fun for kids (especially if they have scent). I don't make it up the hill to your area very often but I've read of a couple of great nurseries up your way. Perhaps other hill dwellers can give you their names so you can make a visit on the coming weekends.

I love HD and its brethren for common stuff, but really love the local ACE guys for advice, and a true nursery is completely different though and not necessarily any more expensive for plants. Good fun.

Now, what the heck is copper tape and what department do I find that in?

Good luck with your new garden!

Deflationary Jane said...

the adhesive copper tape comes on a roll like electrical tape. It should be the garden section.

PeonInChief said...

It was a very strange spring--mostly because of the late freezes. A freeze at the end of March in California is really unusual. But it did do some good. My azaleas bloomed in March and April, so that they were in bloom at the same time as my spring perennials. (In 2007, the azaleas were bloomed out by the end of February.)

Curious said...

I have never seen this adhesive copper tape! I usually just have a raised bed small veg garden and keep it as organic as possible by not using herbicides on the plants, but I will lay snail bait outside the raised beds. Are you saying I can wrap the beds in copper tape and accomplish the same thing without using any kind of bait?

This might seem like a stupid thing to harp on but this is a revelation to me!

I do like to browse garden departments but I've never seen this stuff (or maybe I didn't understand its purpose). I wander around in big box stores, ACE, and a couple of local nurseries and I've never noticed it.

Deflationary Jane said...


I got my last roll at HD. it's slow down nasties like earwigs but it's great for slugs and snails.

PeonInChief said...

I use copper tape because I have two cats and don't want them coming in contact with snail bait--or even Sluggo (which does work, btw). I got mine at the Capital Nursery.

Some people put it on the ground around the plants to be protected--I'm cheap, so I put it around the pots themselves.

Curious said...


Thanks! I can't believe I've never seen this stuff before. The unexpected things I learn around here. : )

PIC, thanks for the backup tip on Sluggo!

PeonInChief said...

BT should probably be careful or we'll turn this into a garden blog. Luckily, I have my own blog, so I don't have to post plant pictures on other blogs.