Monday, June 30, 2008

Calling all Lawyers

Wondering if there are any lawyers who would be willing to take a quick look at something. I have received a threatening e-mail from a realtor.

I was merely recounting my personal experience, so I don't believe I can be sued for defamation. I also know that California has anti-SLAPP. But a professional opinion would be very helpful.


selmoh said...

really ?
post it here and write his name down !

Buying Time said...

I removed the offending post, and have included the text of his e-mail.

Problem is, I think someone is out to get the agent. They kept referring people to the post from other forums where the agent is active. I have seen links to my blog from at least two separate forums.

Patient Renter said...
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Patient Renter said...

I have received a threatening e-mail from a realtor

I bet he was threatened because you forgot to capitalize the R in Realtor :)