Monday, June 23, 2008

Other Sacramento Renters

I updated the link section of other Sacramento area renters. If you would like to be included in the list, please send a link to your blogger profile or website. Content doesn't necessarily have to be housing related. My e-mail address is average_buyer at

In particular, PeoninChief has a nice write up on some of the legal rights and remedies you have as a tenant if your landlord is being foreclosed upon.


Mike said...


I see that you listed me in the "More Sacramento Renters" section of this blog and I was so close to not being a Sac Renter anymore.

My short sale purchase deal fell apart yesterday after four weeks. It was so close too this time. But the bank did not budge on the price so it failed again..

Anyway, I guess I am back to the Renter Section...Hoping to get off the list soon.

Buying Time said...

Oh so sorry to hear that. I hope I didn't jinx you, and also hope we all make it off the list soon!

PeonInChief said...

Omigod, BT, I leave town for a couple of days and I come back to find that someone's been reading me. I am so honored! Thank you.