Monday, June 30, 2008

For the Record

Some of you may recall earlier posts by me regarding my opinion about agents I have spoken with and our very different interpretation of the facts. Recently I have been threatened with legal action for my opinion as to someone's conduct. Rather than lose sleep over something (or someone) this inconsequential, I have removed the post and set forth below is the full text of one agent's recent email to me.

Update: So I replied to the e-mail saying it wasn't me who was cyberstalking him (leaving links to my blog comments at all the online forums where he is active) and that I had removed the post as requested. I got a really wierd automated reply back. This does bring into question whether the e-mail was really from him, although the references to our personal encounter do lead me to believe it was. In any case, whoever is baiting him....please leave me out of it.


I want to advise you of the following:

1) If you continue any further attempts to damage me or my business you will be met with swift legal action.
2) Your latest attempts are just the evidence my attorney’s need to prove it is malicious and meant to damage me and/or my business.
3) Your writings about me and/or the events do not support any of the facts.
4) As you hide faceless behind a blog do not think your bogus disclaimer will protect you.
5) I know who and where you are and I will personally expose you from your phony blog mask.

You are nothing more than a disgruntled Buyer that thinks every real estate professional is out to get you. That was evident from the first time I met you. It is even further evident by your goofy blog. I also have information about your past that would make a great blog… your past fits well with your current views.

You are now formally put on notice to cease your writings about me or claimed events. You are further notified to remove the blog you wrote on or around 11-07 within 24 hours or expect swift legal action.

Any questions you know how to find me… I do not have a reason to hide or remain faceless behind bogus writings about events or others.

Jaret L. Ghent


biosurfer1 said...

Please put Mr. Ghent on notice that I will make sure every person I know interested in buying a house is aware of his actions and highly advise againt using him or his company for any purchases.

Buying Time said...

Unfortunatley (for me) someone has been posting links (to my post) on forums where he is active. From the text of the e-mail he thinks its me.

biosurfer1 said...

post the links to the other forum...nothing wrong in that from what I can see

Buying Time said...

While the thought momentarily crossed my mind, I am not "out to get anyone."

Its tough enough for RE agents right now, I don't need to make it worse.

biosurfer1 said...

whats sad is the fact that RE agents still have not figured out they can't treat buyers like they did during the run up and expect to still sell houses.

Threatening people who tell about their experiences??? sounds to me like he needs to spend more time working on his reputation...

Patient Renter said...

Jaret, educate yourself:

And after your done educating yourself, do it again. Clearly you're confused as to what constitutes defamation, and that letter of yours is pretty pathetic.

Unless you're prepared to cover BT's legal fees, you'd be wise to cut the crap and cry go quietly to yourself. I don't think that blowing a bunch of money on a losing legal battle is going to help your situation, and threatening members of the local blogging community certainly won't help your business.

Paul said...

Some real estate agents are very competent. Some, not so much. Some are very honest. Some, not so much. Regrettably, some fall into both the latter two categories. Unlike the agents that are both competent and honest, the other agents are really having to struggle now to eke out a living and some undoubtedly believe that this unfortunate turn of events is someone else's fault (even if only in their imagination) and that they can make more money from frivolous lawsuits than making an honest living.

Interestingly, my regular agent, who I believe based on my 20 year relationship, is both competent and honest, has seen no significant decline in her revenue with this downturn. She admits she has to work harder for the same money, but apparently folks still place a value on honesty and integrity.

Ed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Buying Time said...

Let's not make things worse folks. He knows where I live, and has our personal information as well.

The personal safety and privacy of my family are my first priority.

I have no axe to grind.

Max said...

While you're correct in principle, it's tough to beat a determined person who's out to get you, even if he is a nutcase.

Look at what happened to Aaron Krowne at the Implode-o-meter: He got sued by a company, used anti-SLAPP to get the case dismissed, and the judge denied the motion! It cost him $50,000 to get the case thrown out.

This guy is sewing the seeds of his own demise anyway, and even though this is clearly a bluff, (if he knew your name, why didn't he prove it in your private email? Nothing to lose there.) why poke a hornets nest?

Buying Time said...

"if he knew your name, why didn't he prove it in your private email? Nothing to lose there"

Yes, that and the wierd e-mail address are what made me think twice and wonder if the mail could have been falsified and actually was from the person who is cyberstalking him.

In any case, its a hornets nest I have no desire to be in. I was lucky to find a very honest agent who has my best interest at heart, and has the patience of a saint (considering how long he has been working with us).

Ed said...

BT - I know your agent well - and I agree with everything you said about him. He is wonderfully patient!

And, I apologize for my earlier comments - I do not intend to stick a stick in his cage.

neverborne said...

Anybody can sue anybody for anything... but his defamation claim is a joke and would quickly get thrown out. Plus his comments that he knows where you live are mildly threatening, plus he's obviously causing you stress and consternation... counter sue his bitch ass.

PeonInChief said...

If this happens again, treat the person like the troll he is. And what an idiot! I've noted that lots of people here are planning to buy a house at some point, and it's not good to alienate a bunch of potential clients.

Deflationary Jane said...

Greetins from the land of slow talkers and lots of water,

Some people just love to pick fights, even really stupid ones. Honestly, they're not worth the time to worry about.

What is interesting is that they bothered in the first place. First you get plants trying to talk the market up on websites **cough James cough**, then when that doesn't work, out come the crazy accutations. Smells funny, kinda like burning hair.... >; )

ps. you can always find me at deflationaryjane @ yahoo now. I'll try to remember to check it more often.

Patient Renter said...

hi jane ;) how's the park?

Deflationary Jane said...

The park is wonderful but you have to pick your time to go, mornings are best.

We're high and dry, in the middle of the city. It's kinda like the Poverty Heights area but more inland and well above the flood plain.

However, we do have some water we'd like to sell you parched cheap >; )

Buying Time said...

Ed - Hope you don't mind, my lawyer friend advised that I should take down you comment.

Honestly, now that I have pieced together what is happening to this guy, I almost feel sorry for him. He must have really pissed someone off. Given how he handled himself in the e-mail, I can't imagine why someone would think his conduct was unprofessional.....